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About Me


 My father earned a living by buying, fixing, renting and selling homes in California and elsewhere and he did quite well, but was not much in to paying allowances for his kids let alone college tuition. So I learned a lot about real estate just by observation but also learned I needed to be self-sufficient.

As a teenager I did typical first-timer jobs but that did not yield me enough money and I leaped at the chance to work as a fashion model on runways and in magazine layouts and advertising in New York City with numerous iconic brands at the time such as Sears, CoverGirl, Wonderbread and even the Archies [ “Sugar, Sugar.]

After college, paid for by my modeling, I yearned for something more dependable and learned computer programming and worked for many years as a programmer and then as a systems analyst for major energy and telecom companies. I earned an MBA in the evening. I eventually decided to strike out on my own and co-founded and sold a successful e-commerce company.

I have lived in lots of places including San Diego, where I was born, the island of Jamaica, New York City, New Haven, Summit and Princeton, NJ and Houston, TX. Through the years I have purchased 5 homes including my current house in Pebble Beach.

Real Estate Career

I moved from the East Coast to Pebble Beach on a lark about a dozen years ago and have been a Realtor with Coldwell Banker for over a decade and have sold nearly a third of a billion dollars of real estate. I love being in a people business and the stress and emotional roller-coaster of buying and selling homes seems to roll of my back, at least according to many of my clients. I even enjoy the technical side of inspections and repairs.

My philosophy regarding negotiations is that it is mostly about alternatives, for you and for the other party. For this reason I do my best to educate my clients on how the other party might see the world, so that they can understand how to get the best price, whether they are buying or selling. Each situation is different, and no single negotiation technique works all of the time.    

When you work with me, you get me, not a team, although I use a local broker to process the paperwork. You will find that I will always take your phone calls and quickly respond to your texts and emails unless I am helping someone else at the time.

Community Involvement

In the local community I have worked as a volunteer at Hospice with my Therapy Dog; the National Charity League; Monterey First Night; SPCA charity events; Rio Run for Suicide Prevention; Habitat for Humanity and gleaning lettuce in the Salinas Valley fields. I have also contributed to the following organizations: the Sunset Center, The Carmel Foundation, the Monterey Symphony, the Del Monte Forest Conservancy, the Community Hospital, the Monterey County SPCA, York School and the Food Bank of Monterey County.

Currently I am part of Bay Net, which is a volunteer organization which promotes understanding and appreciation of the Monterey Bay's marine sanctuary resources, particularly sensitive wildlife species. I adore the natural beauty of this area. As Henry Miller once wrote, "This is the California that men dreamed of years ago, this is the Pacific that Balboa looked out from....,this is the face of the Earth as the Creator intended it to look."  

I finished raising both of my kids here and can help with anyone moving here with children, in terms of schools, sports etc.